Black Cat Painting [Finished]

What’s up guys, so I have just finished my Black Cat painting! This was a fun, yet very challenging piece to work on, especially towards the end. I didn’t want to tighten the image up a whole lot, I really like having a looser style to my work, sort of gives it a nice traditional/rough look to it. ^^

I hope that you guys like how this piece has turned out, and thank you so much for checking out my work! 🙂Black Cat Painting

Black Cat

Okay, so after doing a ton of studies of drawing the human figure, I’ve decided to give this a go, a painting of my favorite Marvel kitty cat, Black Cat!! 😀

This has been a lot of fun to draw so far, and since I’ve been getting a better idea of how to draw anatomy, isn’t taking me as long as it normally would. Granted, I’m still trying to pay critical attention to proportions, and that everything is reading correctly, but this is definitely a lot easier than it use to be. ^^

I hope that you guys like this WIP, and by the way, I totally intend to color this, and I’ve learned a new technique for adding color that I’m excited to share with you at some point! 🙂

Black Cat WIP

Venom Speed Painting [Video]

Venom Recreate_2

Here is a video of a Venom speed paint that I just created. I was using a reference photo for this piece, and unfortunately I am not sure who is the rightful owner, because I would gladly give them credit for the original image that I used for my reference.

Here’s the video down below, I hope you guys like it, and remember, if you want to check out more work from me, be sure to follow me on YouTube, Facebook, and Deviantart!