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Category: Fan art

Black Cat

Okay, so after doing a ton of studies of drawing the human figure, I’ve decided to give this a go, a painting of my favorite Marvel kitty cat, Black Cat!! 😀 […]

Amethyst Heartstone WIP Painting

Starting on a new painting for a friend of mine, Uhh-Mandaa, on my Deviantart site. The request was to paint her OC (Original Character), Amethyst Heartstone.  I have begun working […]

Venom Speed Painting [Video]

Here is a video of a Venom speed paint that I just created. I was using a reference photo for this piece, and unfortunately I am not sure who is […]

First Speed Paint Video: Batman!

My first ever speed painting video of my favorite DC character, BATMAN!! I hope that you guys enjoy the video, and remember to check back regularly for more videos and […]