Back to the Basics| Nose Studies

Today’s lesson was learning how to draw/paint “Noses” by Aaron Blaise. The course was about 30 minutes long, which you can see the progress I did during the course on the top of the image below. After the lesson, I gave myself some homework to continue the study by grabbing references from Google to try and reinforce everything that I had learned. The bottom six images were all made after the course, and took me a couple of hours to complete, probably 3+ hours in length.

I can already see a major improvement in my work, and I’m very excited to continue my studies and hone my skills as an artist.

I hope that you guys like how this course study of noses turned out, and thank you very much for checking out my work!! 🙂

Noses Practice

Studies [Drawing Hands]

Been working on studying drawing/painting hands, which is definitely a weakness of mine. Hands are so expressive, and can convey a lot of emotion, and if you don’t draw them right, I notice that it can throw the whole scene off. So, instead of trying to “hide” the hands in my drawings, I really want to get good at practicing them so when I need to draw a hand or two in a painting I’m working on, I can convey them correctly.

Still have a lot of work to do, but I suppose we all need to start somewhere! ^^ I hope you like how this turned out, and thanks for checking out my work! 🙂

Hand Studies_01