Black Cat Painting [Finished]

What’s up guys, so I have just finished my Black Cat painting! This was a fun, yet very challenging piece to work on, especially towards the end. I didn’t want to tighten the image up a whole lot, I really like having a looser style to my work, sort of gives it a nice traditional/rough look to it. ^^

I hope that you guys like how this piece has turned out, and thank you so much for checking out my work! 🙂Black Cat Painting

Venom Speed Painting [Video]

Venom Recreate_2

Here is a video of a Venom speed paint that I just created. I was using a reference photo for this piece, and unfortunately I am not sure who is the rightful owner, because I would gladly give them credit for the original image that I used for my reference.

Here’s the video down below, I hope you guys like it, and remember, if you want to check out more work from me, be sure to follow me on YouTube, Facebook, and Deviantart!